Verve X Deck

Join us in our Peace Centre Memory Project, as we weave together stories of one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls and its surrounding neighbourhood. The exhibition will be presented at Peace Centre in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2023 (6-15 Jan 2023), in collaboration with DECK.

A public vault of memories at Peace Centre
awaiting for you in January 2023

  • Music Shop - 1970s

    Multiple shops that provide a wide collection of musical instruments and accessories, such as Renner Piano Co.

    Computer Schools - 1990s

    Informatics schools used to carry ads in the newspapers back in the days, such as Informatics, Comsetrac, BMC which were located at level 3.

    Bowling Alley - 1970s - 1980s

    Known as Star Bowl, the 36-lane bowling alley was popular in the 1970s-1981 amongst youths.

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