Verve was a meeting place for people from all walks of life to encounter the arts. This remains true even as we moved online in 2020. We continue to find new ways to champion local people, local stories, and local art.

This year, Verve collaborates with DECK and Singapore Art Museum to present you the vigour of art.

Singapore Biennale 2022 ; Natasha
The seventh edition of the Singapore Biennale (SB2022) is named Natasha. The act of naming serves as a prompt to artists, collaborators, and audiences to re-discover ways of seeing and relating to the world. Natasha embraces the possibility of intimacy and spontaneity afforded by such recognition, as well as to reflect on the transformative potential within life and its relations — from self to others, from human to non-human, from living to non-living and vice versa, and beyond.

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Peace Centre Memory Project
Walk with us through the memory lane of Peace Centre as we open the vault of your own memories. Follow us to recall about Peace Centre’s history & the various shops it has housed since the 1970s.

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Verve Timeline


Our beginnings as A.C.I.D

In 2011, Verve started out as A.C.I.D, highlighting Arts Celebration in Diversity (ACID). As their collaboration with Art House Limited aimed to rediscover and re-experience multidisciplinary art forms, they hoped for audiences to gain a newfound respect for the less regarded forms of art. The festival has showcased emerging artists from the visual, performing, and literary arts over the years Verve was held at Art House.

Transforming into a
community arts festival

From 2016 to 2019, Verve transformed into a community arts festival, proudly held at the Bukit Batok East Community Centre with our co-curators at the Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre. In 2016, Verve also rebranded itself as a community arts festival. It presented various performance and workshops aimed at providing intergenerational mingling amongst the community while also ensuring a high level of skill amongst the artists.

Adapting to the new normal with Covid-19

In 2020, the pandemic struck the world and forced us to fully convert Verve into an online arts festival. Despite this, ABM students stayed true to Verve’s motive and remained resilient to produce engaging and community-centric content.
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