Drawing inspiration from the art and literature term “liminal” that describes the space between two realities, Come by and shop for unique products and crafts from talented local artisans while contemplating the aesthetics of a liminal space.
Happening 3 and 4 December 2022 from 1-7pm.
Participating small businesses

Copper Garden

Copper Garden Singapore comprises a young team whose primary expertise lie in Retail and Event Floristry. Their signature look is Lush and Romantic, curated and created by a team that prioritises design and customer service.

Rebel Label Singapore

Want to spice up your outfit to a whole new level?
Rebel Label has all the best styles in town with their unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.
Be ready to grab their latest styles this December with us at SAM.

Print N Matters

This is a drop-in activity.
Fun for all ages, upcycling is a sustainable way to breathe new life into products that would otherwise go to waste. Print N Matters' Handmade Paper Workshop will take you on a creative learning process of transforming paper waste into beautiful handcrafted paper. Experienced and friendly trainers will guide you in making paper from pulp in just three easy steps. Bring along your kids or friends and get creative with papermaking.


Chokmah's workshop is focus on educating and creating awareness on the beautiful properties of the eco-friendly Jesmonite. You will also pick up skills & techniques that are required to make these beautiful trays! No baking/firing needed - in just under 2 hours, you will be able to take your handcrafted creation home - made to Your Colour, Your Style!


Established in 2019, Wildflower Wax Co. is a curated vinyl record store and archive of experiences built around one young fanatic’s love of music, creativity, and nostalgia.
Centred on the history and cultural touchstones that accompany music on vinyl, Wildflower seeks to revive the importance of physical experiences with music in a digital age. Purchase your first vinyl record with them.

the affirmation club

Want to find your next piece? Support a local business through indulging in some self-love by purchasing your next wardrobe staple with the affirmation club. A win for both!


Sustainable local jewellery that’s mesmerising and trendy – what’s not to like? kopi.toast offers handmade products that mostly use beads and semi-precious stones, delicately crafted into unique jewellery pieces.
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